Bring abstract concepts to life with Quadrality

Help people understand the business impact of their decision making

Quadrality is an online interactive game-environment that connects abstract concepts with desired behaviors. Quadrality is designed to help people understand the broader impact of their decisions, put theory into practice, understand different perspectives within the team and engage in courageous conversations. 

“I had never realized how (not) acting on our organizational values could affect the overall performance of an organization. My eyes were really opened.”

Max, HR Manager

Trusted by over 1200+ corporates


Trusted by over 1200+ corporates

About Quadrality

Quadrality is a serious game that challenges teams of 4 to 8 participants to make strategic decisions based on real-life business scenarios and dilemmas. As teams make decisions, Quadrality provides instant feedback on the impact of those decisions in real-time, using KPIs that are relevant to your organization. This connection between decisions and tangible output helps teams better understand how their decisions can impact business performance and learn to apply theoretical concepts to practical situations.

By playing Quadrality, participants are challenged to connect abstract concepts with desired behaviors in a practical manner. The game reinforces dialogue about insights, policies, and objectives, providing valuable insights into how theory applies to business decisions. Quadrality promotes collaboration and helps teams accelerate as a group. It establishes a direct and recognizable relationship with daily practices, making it an ideal tool in a wide variety of applications.

Ready to Play (TeamworkQT) and customizable

2 to 4 hours

4 to 8 participants per group


Face to face / online

The unique value of Quadrality

Reinforces the dialogue about insights, policies or objectives

Quadrality is designed to connect abstract concepts with desired behavior in a practical manner. It reinforces the dialogue about insights, policies, or objectives, and provides participants with valuable insights into how theory applies to business decisions.

Provides instant feedback on decision making

Quadrality provides participants with instant feedback on the impact of their decisions on KPIs tracked in real-time on a scoreboard. This feature helps participants understand the broader impact of their decisions and how they can improve their decision-making skills.

Challenges teams to put theory into practice

Quadrality challenges teams to put theory into practice. It helps participants understand how theory applies to business decisions and provides them with practical experience in making strategic decisions.

Customizable serious gaming platform: tailored to your unique needs

Discover the flexibility and versatility of Quadrality – a serious gaming platform that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.

TeamworkQT is a version of the Quadrality game that focusses on improving improve team dynamics and collaboration. TeamworkQT encourages participants to explore new ways of working together and recognize the strengths of each team member. By using TeamworkQT, teams can develop a positive te


Align is a version of the Quadrality platform that helps organizations to bring their values to life. The game is customized to reflect the values and KPIs of your organization, and participants are encouraged to make decisions that align with these values. With Align, participants gain direct feedback on the impact of their decisions on stakeholders such as employees, customers, and the botton-line.

Tailored solution

Quadrality is a versatile platform that can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. With Quadrality, you can create a game that reflects your unique business challenges and opportunities. The platform allows you to tailor the game content, KPIs, and scoring to align with your business objectives. With Quadrality, you can create a learning experience that is tailored to your organization.

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Serious games can provide an engaging and interactive way to train employees, teach new skills, and develop leadership qualities. They can also improve team building and collaboration skills.

Our serious games are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, providing an immersive learning experience. They also offer immediate feedback and allow for personalized learning.

Yes, we can customize our serious games to meet your specific training and development needs. We can also create new serious games from scratch if needed.

Serious gaming can be beneficial for teams of all types and sizes, regardless of industry or sector. It can be particularly useful for teams undergoing change or transition, as well as those seeking to develop leadership or communication skills. Serious gaming can also be used for customer service training, sales training, and team-building exercises. Whether you are a small startup or a large multinational corporation, serious gaming can help you achieve your development and training goals.