Build stronger teams with Fizzinity

Bring fun and excitement to team building

Get your team bonding and having a blast with Fizzinity, a team building game designed for boosting collaboration within teams. Whether you’re playing online, in-person, or a combination of both, Fizzinity will bring a spark to your team building activities and help you connect with your colleagues in a fun and engaging way.

“I had so much fun playing Fizzinity with my team, it brought us all closer together.”

Jasper, Team Manager

Trusted by over 1200+ corporates

Trusted by over 1200+ corporates

About Fizzinity

Fizzinity is a unique and engaging teambuilding game that brings teams together in an interactive, fun, and exciting way. As a customized teambuilding quiz, Fizzinity creates safe and relaxed atmosphere where team members get to know each other better and differently. 

At the start of the game, each team members fills in a personal questionnaire. Based on the answers provided, the Fizzinity platform automatically generates a customized team building quiz about the team itself. Fizzinity consists of over 10 different game types, each with its unique assignments and setup. While progressing through the game, team members take turns choosing the next game category, work together to fulfill the challenging assignments and earn points for each correct answer. 

Throughout the game, team members uncover new insights about each other, learn about their colleagues’ hobbies, interests, and perspectives, and have opportunities to reflect and discuss their answers. The questions and assignments within Fizzinity are surprising and uncommon, making the game a delightful journey of discovery and connection within the team.

Ready to play & customizable

1 to 2 hours

6 to 8 participants per group


Face to face / online

The unique value of Fizzinity

Unique experience for every team

Fizzinity is not just any teambuilding game – it’s a unique and interactive platform where the questions, challenges and assignments are tailored to your team. As the game content within Fizzinity is unique for your team, no to games are the same.  

Improve communication and collaboration

Fizzinity is the perfect way to bring a new level of excitement and energy to your team building activities. With its unique personalized experience, you'll bond with your colleagues, improve your teamwork skills, and leave the game with a stronger and more united team.

Make it your own… 100%

From questions and assignments to challenges and look & feel, Fizzinity can be tailored to create an organization-specific version that encourages meaningful connections among team members and fosters a sense of belonging to your organization. Contact us to learn more.

The impact of Fizzinity

Fizzinity has been played by hundreds of teams worldwide as is known for being the best teambuilding game around town:

Improved collaboration and connection within the team

Get to know each other better and differently

Boost team spirit and energy


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Serious games can provide an engaging and interactive way to train employees, teach new skills, and develop leadership qualities. They can also improve team building and collaboration skills.

Our serious games are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, providing an immersive learning experience. They also offer immediate feedback and allow for personalized learning.

Yes, we can customize our serious games to meet your specific training and development needs. We can also create new serious games from scratch if needed.

Serious gaming can be beneficial for teams of all types and sizes, regardless of industry or sector. It can be particularly useful for teams undergoing change or transition, as well as those seeking to develop leadership or communication skills. Serious gaming can also be used for customer service training, sales training, and team-building exercises. Whether you are a small startup or a large multinational corporation, serious gaming can help you achieve your development and training goals.