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Empower your team to thrive with data-driven insights, clear goals, and improved cooperation

As organizations evolve at a rapid pace, teams must continuously develop and adapt to stay ahead. Every team is different and what works well for one team, can be demotivating or even destructive for another. Team Flow Index (TFI) is a cutting-edge diagnosis tool that provides an objective, shared, and solid basis for team development, helping teams identify their current state and define their vision for the future.

“Team Flow Index has revolutionized how our team operates. The data-driven insights and clear goals it provides have helped us improve our cooperation, set priorities, and make informed decisions. It’s become an invaluable tool for our team’s growth and development.”

Ilya, HR Director

Trusted by over 1200+ corporates

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Trusted by over 1200+ corporates

About Team Flow Index

TFI uses an online team scan that allows each team member to individually answer 40 questions about the team’s current and desired performance and situation. The results are compiled into a team report (in real-time), providing clear focus points for improvements, setting concrete actions and goals for the upcoming period. With TFI, teams have a common language to discuss team functioning and drive team growth.

TFI represents the forefront of innovation in team development. As an essential check-up for teams, the model behind TFI is based on 20 team performance categories derived from research and popular literature. In addition, TFI recognizes that every team is unique, and what works for one team may not work for another. TFI provides teams with an objective and data-driven approach to team development, enabling them to define their own goals and take ownership of their team’s growth. With TFI, your team can stay ahead of the curve and continuously evolve to achieve peak performance.

Ready to play

2 to 4 hours

6 to 8 participants per group

Self-guided or facilitated

Face to face / online

The unique value of Team Flow Index

Continuous insights

By using TFI as a recurring tool, teams can continuously monitor their progress, set priorities, and make data-driven decisions to improve their performance over time.

Shared understanding of what’s needed

TFI provides a solid and shared basis for team development. By objectively assessing key categories and factors that impact team performance, TFI helps teams identify areas for improvement, set clear goals, and create a common language for the teams functioning.

Recognizes that every team is unique

TFI recognizes that every team is unique. With its data-driven approach and results-based feedback, TFI enables teams to tailor their improvement strategies to their specific needs, challenges, and goals. This flexibility allows teams to adapt and evolve their development plans as their team dynamics and requirements change, making TFI a versatile tool for continuous improvement.

The impact of Team Flow Index

TFI has been on the forefront of innovating how teams align on improvement areas for 5+ years: 

Clear objectives for improvement and commitments

Enhanced ownership, energy, and initiative in the team

Fosters a common language for discussing team functioning

A simple, intuitive, and useful method for performance progress

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