Business simulation

Learning in its most optimal form.

In today’s competitive business world, it’s essential to ensure that everyone in your organization understands the big picture and knows how to contribute to it. However, simply putting a strategy on paper may not be enough to achieve this goal. Many employees struggle to understand what the strategy means for their role and how it aligns with the company’s objectives.

Business simulation can help you overcome this challenge. By creating a safe environment where employees can experiment with their leadership and decision-making skills, a business simulation allows them to experience the direct impact of their choices on success.

Our high-end simulations have been developed over the last 20 years to address complex organizational issues. We create business simulations that are a true and in-depth reflection of your company, including its structure, primary processes, roles, interests, dilemmas, strategy, culture, and company values. Our simulations offer real-time interaction and realistic roles that enable participants to act based on role-specific information and experience the impact of their decisions directly.

The benefits of our simulations are clear. By participating in a business simulation, employees gain new insights that they will never forget. They also develop a deeper understanding of the company’s objectives and the role they play in achieving them. With this knowledge, they can make better decisions and contribute more effectively to the company’s success.

We offer customized and flexible business simulations that can be delivered online, face-to-face, or in a hybrid format. Our simulations can be standalone or integrated into a larger program, and they can be tailored to meet the needs of participants with different backgrounds, experience, and learning goals. The focus of the simulation can be adjusted to meet specific evaluation needs, and the group size and duration can also be customized.

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Ready to play

At InContext, we offer a range of innovative serious gaming solutions to help organizations and teams accelerate. For themes such as team development, onboarding, collaboration, and personal development, we offer tools such as Fizzinity, TeamUP and, Team Flow Index LinkXs and Selfie360. These are very user-friendly, accessible online, and ready to play.

Platform based

Next to our ready to play serious gaming solutions, InContext also offers cutting-edge serious gaming platforms, including DEBS, Ixplora, and Quadrality. These platforms provide a means to rapidly create customized serious gaming environments that are tailored to your organization’s needs. By leveraging these platforms, you can effectively address the challenges that arise within your organization in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our platforms serve as the foundation for building highly realistic and relatable scenarios that accurately reflect the complexities of everyday work.

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Serious games can provide an engaging and interactive way to train employees, teach new skills, and develop leadership qualities. They can also improve team building and collaboration skills.

Our serious games are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, providing an immersive learning experience. They also offer immediate feedback and allow for personalized learning.

Yes, we can customize our serious games to meet your specific training and development needs. We can also create new serious games from scratch if needed.

Serious gaming can be beneficial for teams of all types and sizes, regardless of industry or sector. It can be particularly useful for teams undergoing change or transition, as well as those seeking to develop leadership or communication skills. Serious gaming can also be used for customer service training, sales training, and team-building exercises. Whether you are a small startup or a large multinational corporation, serious gaming can help you achieve your development and training goals.